army Edit

met Edit

cant be hurt while he has hat down when he puts his hat up he can shoot three shots which can hurt Mega Man

sniper joe Edit

has a shield he cant be hurt by Mega Man when he has shield like the met he can hurt Mega Man

blader Edit

flys into enemies and rams them can hurt Mega Man

hotheads Edit

can throw fire but cant move can hurt megaman

paozo Edit

throws huge giant metal balls that are bigger than megaman and megaman is 4 foot 4 inches tall so that means that it has to weight more and megaman can tank those with ease plus its vacuum powered

yellow devil Edit

  • 20 ft tall
  • body is majin buu body in that he can use it as a weapon
  • immune to cold temp
  • weak to fire and electricity
  • body is near indestructible but the eye is able to be hurt which can kill him

robot masters Edit

gutsman Edit

  • can throw rocks around the size of megaman
  • can lift 20 tons
  • can punch hole though the wall

slash man Edit

  • can cut though meteors

sheep man Edit

  • can shoot lighting
  • can fly

bass Edit

  • can shoot laser from arm cannon
  • can fly
  • can copy moves and abilities

dr willy Edit

  • missile launcher
  • shoots buzz-saw
  • can fly with rockets
  • laser cannon

trivia Edit

alot of scaling needed to be done cause not many feats were stated