stats Edit

5 foot 9 inches tall

137 pounds

abilities Edit

  • after image
  • ki blast
  • destructo disc ( a plasma disc that cuts though things)
  • ki barrier (works as shield)
  • kiai cannon
  • spirit bomb
  • dragon fist
  • telekinesis
  • flight
  • instant transmission (teleports anywhere in a instant but needs focus)
  • telepathy
  • mind reading
  • kaio ken ( can increase goku power by 20 percent and it causes a lot of pain on the body and can kill him)
  • power pole (indestructible can extend to limitless lengths)
  • senzu beans (instantly heals broken bones and wounds and restores ki)
  • flying nimbus ( can fly at mach 1.5 only works for people with a pure heart)

Kamehameha Edit

variants Edit

  • jet (propels goku into the air)
  • rapid fire or continuous Kamehameha (rapid fires)
  • double Kamehameha or twin dragon shot Kamehameha (shots two at once)
  • 10x Kamehameha (this increases power of ssj4 by 10x)
  • super Kamehameha (has planet destroying power)

weaknesses Edit

has a pool of ki it can run out

needs to focus for instant transmission

kaio ken can kill him

not smart

feats Edit