• 4,4 feet tall
  • 230 pounds 

feats Edit

destroyed a whole wall

held up a castle with both hands that weight 60,000 tons

can walk on Jupiter which has a lot more gravity and according to their calc he should weight 5 tons and he can walk with ease

beat Dr Willy 28 times

megaman hit quickman which is faster than lighting which is 224,000 mph

abilities Edit

can fire heat seeking missiles

can shoot magnet missiles

can shoot a swarm of metal hornets

can shoot metal blades that can cut though almost anything

can shoot a giant fist that can break down metal walls

mirror buster reflects energy projectiles

crash bomber can shoot bombs that stick enemies and walls

atomic fire allows him to shoot fire hotter than the surface of the sun

can stop time

can create a mini black hole ( or a vacuum)

super adapter armor ( can fly but cant use any of his special weapons and can shoot his fists as rockets)

can fly in space with rush

weaknesses Edit

has limited ammo