members Edit

Jason Lee Scott (Red Ranger) Edit

  • zord tyrannosaurus
  • martial artist
  • benched 3000 reps in one day

billy cranston (Blue Ranger) Edit

  • zord triceratops ( has grappling hook horns)
  • has a body switching machine
  • rad bug ( can go 0 to 3000 mph in 2.8)

trini kwan (Yellow Ranger) Edit

  • matial artist
  • smart
  • zord sabretooth tiger ( can hold weight of a 10,000 pounds on back)

Kimberly ann heart (Pink Ranger) Edit

  • zord pterodactyl ( goes two and a half the speed of sound)
  • shoots lighting

Zachary Taylor (Black Ranger) Edit

  • zord mastodon ( slow yet can freeze enemies with ice)
  • created his own martial art which combines dancing and martial arts
  • weakness missing left middle finger

megazord Edit

  • height 333 feet tall
  • weight 175,000 pounds
  • solar powered
  • mastodon shield (reflects most energy projectiles)
  • destroys buildings with ease
  • can shoot fire from hand
  • can shoot immobilizing beams from eyes
  • touching the power sword recharges megazord
  • power sword (100 feet long)
  • can shoot energy beams from power sword
  • can adsorb kinetic energy and can reflect it back
  • punched a 10,000 pound monster 133 feet into air
  • energy supply can run low in combat
  • gets hit alot
  • not fast