stats Edit

height 3'3 tall

weight 275.4 pounds

abilities Edit

chest laser (can shoot a laser)

black shield

copycat Edit

can copy one ability from anybody

can use esp taken from sliver

can use the bat guard from rouge the bat (when three lasers shoot at the opponent like homing rocket but a laser)

can use chaos control to stop time

feats Edit

26,844 miles per hour is his maximum speed (with v.maximum overdrive)

made a 200 kiloton explosion

dodged Amy rose and Knuckles attacks

stronger than Sonic who can beat Shadow

can lift and throw giant air ships (metal overlord)

took Sonic,Knuckles,Tails to beat him (metal overlord)

his black shield can withstand the force of Amy rose is hammer

blocked Shadow chaos spear

weaknesses Edit

can run out of power

and copy ability can copy the ability but to a lesser power or extent