stats Edit

height 6'2 feet tall

weight 21 pounds

abilities and weapons Edit

weapons Edit

kori blade Edit

ice dagger Edit

ice hammer Edit

abilities Edit

ice blast Edit

shoot a wave of ice that freezes anybody in a instant

ice slide Edit

slides on ice made by him than rams into them with his sharp ice then can combo with other moves like his kori blade

ice klone Edit

creates a ice copy of himself when opponents touch it they freeze in a instant then can combo with ice slide and can smash the ice klone to get ice shards stuck in the opponents body or stabbed in

tombstone teleport Edit

can teleport

transformation Edit

can turn into a polar bear than eat them and claw them

feats Edit

can freeze anybody in an instant

can rip people in half

can freeze their lower half in ice than slowly rip off the top

can freeze their whole body than rip off their head then throw their head to shatter the body into pieces

killed Batman

killed Sektor

broke titanium trophy in half

dodged a missile

survived double impalement