stats Edit

  • height 300 feet
  • weight 5,500

abilities Edit

  • solar powered
  • can shoot missiles
  • can shoot fire from its hands and feet
  • can shoot lasers from eyes
  • can make spinning metal blades from thin air and throw them
  • can make numchuncks from thin air
  • can make javelin and throw them
  • burning sword (can slice most monster in half and can recharge voltron)
  • starfire attack (slices most foes in four then makes tornado just in case the plasma cutter does not work)

feats Edit

  • can destroy meteors
  • can survive country sized explosive
  • several times fast the speed of sound
  • survived the force of a black hole
  • can lose limbs when its shin is hit hard
  • kicked a 3,500 pound monster into 1,900 feet into air
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